Friday, August 14, 2009

No wonder it's called "mindSET"

Performing in NDP had indeed been an enriching and humbling experience and marked a milestone for pole fitness, that I thought would alter some skewed mindsets.

Just look at these pictures, wouldn't you agree they exude grace and athletisim, which part of it ooze sleaze you tell me? Just like a yoga pose, an aerial stunt, or an acrobatic trick, these pole stunts take months for these ladies to master and perfect.

Yesterday an event company trying to "sell" me the idea to perform at a health related event organised by the "gahmen" (ok, this is our singaporean way of pronouncing the country's rulers) for the sake of promoting "pole fitness".

His opening line was: "no budget, but you will get lots of publicity".

Me : "ya right, gahmen got no budget, who you trying to kid? And besides you sure it will offer more publicity (saga actually) then NDP? I told him no point discussing terms with me until he succesfully sells the idea to the gahmen, I believe it would be harder to convince them then us. We welcome any oportunities to champion pole fitness

True enough he had no guts to revert to me after the meeting with gahment until I called and he answered sheepishly "er ya, they said no because too sleazy!"

Those stupid minds are SET! super irritating !


sinlady said...

ya lor, like i said in my post, there is no change of minds in this whole saga. so, serves you better to not be part of gahmen high profile promo.

Anonymous said...

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