Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Superstardom is hard

When fellow blogger and facebooker Walter Lim congratulated me on having reached superstardom after the pole dancing in NDP saga, i thought he was kidding,

But when u realise these people took the trouble to score through materials to look for
ugly picture of me, I knew i have arrived...haha, isn't the picture darn funny (scroll down)? I look like i haven't slept for a week. Hahaha...Anyway this was the week's rehearsal when we had to stand in a downpour for almost and hour which soaked through our inner garments, was mighty mighty uncomfortable.

Ah well, 2 lessons here, always smile at ANY camera that points at your direction, and wear waterproof makeup next time....

------------------------added later----------------------

Credit : thanks to Meow for alterting me about the thread

talk about never sleep for a week, how u like my new look! this the event i met gene simmons


sinlady said...

steady lah you! it is a cheap pot shot and too bad there are so many childish people out there.

wildgoose said...

err... it's comments from army boys mah. anyway, the pole acrobats were mentioned on TV even if the screen time was short. So, Yay! Who cares about the detractors.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

good for u girl! who cares about those childish comments. this shows that u have arrived :)