Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A friend for life!

(Note : must read, very touching)

Yesterday we took Ah Boy for his usual walk in the park.

While I indulged in my other current favourite activity-- prawning, Friend (the 28-year old Mr Lin) decided to take Boy with him to get drinks for both of us. As Boy neared an elderly man who was sitting quietly under one of the trees minding his own business, Ah Boy suddenly got excited, frantic tail- wagging and all, and jumping happily at the sight of this solemn uncle, like he had met an old kaki. Friend had to pull Boy back when Uncle was oblivious to Boy's excitment.

Friend came running back to recount to me the unexpected behaviour and I just brushed it as a case of mistaken identity.

You see, Boy, given his once-captured-stray-status has been a very "cool" dog, i.e. not very sociable. For what he has gone through (you should have seen how battered he was when we found him in AVA), he has been very selective and definitley not one who warms up to strangers, unlike some home-bred dogs that I know. His exceptional behaviour got the better of Friend who decided to investigate further.

So Friend wanted to walk Boy again in Uncle's direction, but strangely, this time Boy resisted, so Friend went over on his own.

When Friend asked Uncle if he knew Ah Boy, Uncle's immediately counter-question was "Where you found this dog? East Coast?" Bingo; Friend waited with abated breath for Uncle's further revelation.

Uncle said he had once worked in a sailing club at East Coast and there they kept several dogs to look after the place. He couldn't recall all of them but was certain Boy was one of them, that came in a litter of 3. When the particular sailing club closed down (to make way for another development) 3 years ago, with the exception of 1 being brought to "Noah's Arch" (a pet shelter), the rest, he believed became unfortunate strays.

The story brought tears to me and Friend, not so much of the sad history of Ah Boy (of course that too), but more so how Boy remembered Uncle after 3 longs years of separation! And just like a little human, now I understood why Ah Boy had resisted walking towards the direction of Uncle the second time, I think he was disapponted that Uncle showed no sign of recognising him ....After telling the story, Uncle rode away in his bicycle in another direction.....

Lord, that really broke my heart! I leaned over to kiss Boy on his head and told him "You are not going anywhere, you will always be OUR dog!"

Went Night Fishing when the world had it's first F1 Night Race

I woke up to this at the crack of dawn

You tell me, is this surreal of what?

Anyway, about F1, I was at there at the practice night. Uploaded a clip on facebook :

Visitor from Hong Kong

I had the honour of having Helene, the beautiful pole dance instructor from Hong Kong over at my studio last weekend.
She exudes such feminity and grace. Watching her, she affirms my belief that there is life after 40.
Looking forward to meeting you again, Helene and picking up invaluable tips from you. Hugs

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kelly, my latest prodigy



(as usual, I "show-off" my thang)

My commitment to Acro Polateaers, if they are willing and harwoking, they get to be feature in my shows.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ah Boy, the celebrity Dog

My Ah Boy is star....last time his story was mentioned on Gold 90Fm, this time got he the mention on the new paper

(click to read the article)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seasoned multi-tasker

My last 3 shows this week required me to do event hosting with a showtime. Out of the 3, 2 had a pole show in it.

I didn't realise what a multi-tasker I was until a client commented: "wow! that's amazing. people usually do host OR showtime. You can do both and you can "swap" roles just like that and you do it so well."

I have to say it is a task I'm slowly perfecting. Picture this sequence as an MC/entertainer:

1. Report at event venue for event brief
2. Start of event-greet dinner guests, run thru program...blah blah...
3. Introduce VIP speech
4. After speech, thank VIP, Dinner served
5. Usually change outfit here
6. Sing a song before awards presentation
7. Play some games with audience
8. Conduct lucky draw
9. More games
10. change outfit prepare for pole show
11. Pole show starts--singing singing, spinning, spinning, audience interact, invert, invert, one more costume change and more singing and more inverts for last song
12. End of pole show, runs to back stage to out on more decent clothes
13. Attempt to look fresh again before conducting final lucky draw and say goodbye to event. Sometimes still have to start disco dance!

Anyway these were the 2 videos:

1. MC & pole show at Lunar

2. MC plus pole show at a dinner event, featuring Kelly, my latest recruit

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A busy pre- F1 week

Incredibly busy week! Besides getting my butt on several last min gigs this week, I was busy cheering these new pole converts on.......they are so worth my while

Also conducted a sort-of hen's party!

Sophie you're brilliant...the best. And thanks Kelly and Di for your assistance!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Magazine Feature

FINALLY! An article featured at MY OWN STUDIO --ACRO POLATES

Previously it has always been elsewhere....like at gigs or home.

Note : Not everything in the article is from me hor, not especially the "calories" part. Don't want my participants like Princess to ask me for a refund, alleging that I "bluff" them again!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Near Perfection

If you have looks and bods like these & nose-bleed inducing costumes like these to match.......PLEASE learn the real pole dancing....don't get me wrong, they already sizzle to the max. But if they can do some pole tricks, I think can burn the studio down !

In my own thoughts "how come can have girls so perfect one...somemore not photos hor, cannot photoshop "

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pole-sitive at 40

In the recent months, 2 industry event fellow performers have perished, one at 39 and the other at 34.

I've known these 2 performers for years and it has been incredibly scary to hear those news.

I've always avoided disclosing my year of birth because in the cruel industry of events & entertainment, you fear being shunned when the "pretty young thing" stage has fleeted. I avoid mentioning it in youtube, facebook, myspace. I hate it when I travel overseas for events and you have to fill up passport details....the prefix "68" makes me feel like some over-the-hill granner.

Looking at life and its blessings, I guess I've overcome the fear of letting people know that i'm hitting the BIG 4-0 this year, in fact I'm planning a BIG BASH called


It's gonna be fun, expect lot's of pole dancing, exotic and belly dancing. I haven't decided when and where. So if any venue owner wants to sponsor, please let me know.

So stay tune, this will probably rarely happen...will be a bonus if I can I can have Pole-sitive at 50!

Anyway, a picture taken today......think I still quite drool-worthy la! hahahahaha, wah self-praise!
Below is a little clip of the last part of an 8-hour family day cum charity event I did with one of Singapore's top MC, Cyril.... and yes that's us after basking in the sun for 8 hours!

We quite energizer babies huh?

Credits in video:

Denim Overall Skirt : courtesy of my sis (from Disney Tokyo yay!)

Video : by Ryan Fu

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More getting the inverts at 11th week

More......but I only managed to capture these plus I have to pick the parts where they are not easily identifiable.......VIDEO deliberately "blurred"

In the meantime I got these "altered" moves. Not new, but i varied the leg placements

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Nature Walk

Yesterday while walking Ah Boy in the far east, we chanced upon this interesting place in Pasir Ris Park...some kind of nature's walk. We decided to take a stroll and found really interesting stuff.

Some of the interesting finds include colonies of crabs. At one part of the mangrove, you actually see lots of holes and little crabs were crawlng in and out of them. While observing their movements, Friend (Spidey) asked me whether each "hole" lives 1 or several crabs. I said I wasn't sure but I was certain at one point I saw 2 crabs crawling into the same hole. Friend's reply "Oh like Hotel 81 like that ah!" hahaha, funny conclusion!
Then I saw this iguana peering out of the muddy water.....Friend said it can grow to the size of an aligator, I said "no way"
When it started wadding, oh my! It was a big creature,half the size of an aligator. Think my sis will shudder at the sight!
These cute berries were growing from this tree....wonder if they're edible.
Then before we left, saw this chameleon changed colour from green red to brown while waiting to prey on the flies.

What a refreshing walk. Best part is during the hour-ling walk, Ah Boy did not get bored. He basically took an interest in what we studied. Look at this picture, he was actually looking in the same direction as Friend....haha so cute!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Di got her 1st invert after 10 weeks!

Congrats and so proud of her. It must have taken me at least 3 months to get mine.

Anyhow, did the darn dangerous death lay on the narrow beam of my studio....freaky!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shame Shame! No camera!

I was performinging at an event attended by beauties. Not one but FOUR. The reigning Ms Hong Kong champion, runner-up, second runner-up and Ms HK Tourism were special guests of this event. They had their diamond tiaras and sashes on, and they really lit the ballroom. Too bad I had not my camera for I had no idea it was such a "glittery" event! Uurgh!

Ona totally unrelated note, later that night I went to Syed Alwi for a late late dinner. I must admit I'm usually prejudicial of the hygiene standards of Indian food/stalls, but I succumbed to my craving for bryani rice. I came home some 3 hours later with bad tummy cramps and I felt something brewing inside. What shocked me was when i looked into the mirror, my tummy was bloated beyond 3 month pregnancy! I quickly downed some bismac and even now I can feel the "bubbling"! Really scary, it will be a long night of farting! .

Monday, September 01, 2008

Ah Boy in My Car

If you have noticed from pictures or videos posted about Ah boy and his weekly park walks, it is rarely in my car that Ah Boy travels in. In fact, never. I once tried using my car and Ah Boy would not budge despite luring him with his favourite treat (FOOD! His such a glutton haha) It could be because he got used to friends car since the day he was rescued.

So yesterday I had to visit him alone. I was pretty sure he wouldn't get into my car so I brought extra treats. But he surprised me this time. He hopped on and got used to it really fast.

Ah Boy in My Car

The video is short, because er....I was driving, and alone..I know, it's more dangerous than using a cell phone but i couldn't resist cos I could see he was so cute from my rear mirror. Promise, won't do it again! :P

I'm not one who's good with dates...

......yes, I'm terrible at it. I don't remember friend's (er...and family members too-sis always has to remind me....guilty )birthdays, i don't remember how long I've bought my car, I give agaration reply (singapore slang for vague) when friends ask when i moved into my current apartment..

So when people ask me how long I've been practising pole, I'd always tell them FOUR. I don't know what makes me think that.

I guess it was when I first watched pole dancing on Jackie Wu's program, when interviewed, this really good participant (Niu Niu) claimed it took her 4 years to become that good. At that time I just started learning and an ex-colleague teased to say maybe I'd become like her after 4 years. At that time it seemed impossible, but secretly i haboured the desire to become that good in a shorter time.

So now that I tracked back my blog, I discovered I indeed started learning only in September 2005 (not 2004, don't know what gave me that impression), even celebrated (on my own) ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in 2006

Looking back, I was damn gung-ho lor, was PERFORMING COMPLETE WITH WHATEVER INVERTS I COULD DO merely several months into learning.

Took me a while to ascertain from my earlier blog posts that the first lesson ever attended was 14 September 05. I really ought to remember this date as this has got to constitute one major turn in my life. If not for that, I would not be doing this today.

So for those people whom I've been telling you I have been into pole 4 years, sorry, it's not a lie, just a genuine mathematical mistake!