Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pole-sitive at 40

In the recent months, 2 industry event fellow performers have perished, one at 39 and the other at 34.

I've known these 2 performers for years and it has been incredibly scary to hear those news.

I've always avoided disclosing my year of birth because in the cruel industry of events & entertainment, you fear being shunned when the "pretty young thing" stage has fleeted. I avoid mentioning it in youtube, facebook, myspace. I hate it when I travel overseas for events and you have to fill up passport details....the prefix "68" makes me feel like some over-the-hill granner.

Looking at life and its blessings, I guess I've overcome the fear of letting people know that i'm hitting the BIG 4-0 this year, in fact I'm planning a BIG BASH called


It's gonna be fun, expect lot's of pole dancing, exotic and belly dancing. I haven't decided when and where. So if any venue owner wants to sponsor, please let me know.

So stay tune, this will probably rarely happen...will be a bonus if I can I can have Pole-sitive at 50!

Anyway, a picture taken today......think I still quite drool-worthy la! hahahahaha, wah self-praise!
Below is a little clip of the last part of an 8-hour family day cum charity event I did with one of Singapore's top MC, Cyril.... and yes that's us after basking in the sun for 8 hours!

We quite energizer babies huh?

Credits in video:

Denim Overall Skirt : courtesy of my sis (from Disney Tokyo yay!)

Video : by Ryan Fu


Glamourpuss said...

Wow! You look amazing! I thought you were so much younger! Here's to another 40 years of poling.


Suzie Wong said...

Thanks Pus! I'll be celebrating if I can pole for the next 20. My friend thinks its impossible...ah well, what's life without a goal right? :)

Anonymous said...

:) THis time, u'll be ENJOYING the party instead of entertaining others :)

Have a great bash Suzie!

P.S: after seeing all ur pole-ing on YouTube, I'll errr....try to a show for u on ur bday... :p hehehe


sinlady said...

so cute - forgot lyrics !! haha
u really do a big bash this year to celebrate? ooh, i not leave town.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

age is just a number! and u look amazing for any age!

Suzie Wong said...

Kaylen--unfortuntately I think I'll STILL be entertaining alongside others, probably mostly students. You seriously think I can resist the pole meh? Lol. No one can, so yes please, try it!

SL-Yes pls, want you to be around. But give more details nearer date.

EDPJ-thank you....blush! hee

wildgoose said...

I always thot I'll do a bash at 30 but now it's two months away and all I want is a holiday.

It's so great to not feel limited by a number. :)