Monday, September 01, 2008

I'm not one who's good with dates...

......yes, I'm terrible at it. I don't remember friend's (er...and family members too-sis always has to remind me....guilty )birthdays, i don't remember how long I've bought my car, I give agaration reply (singapore slang for vague) when friends ask when i moved into my current apartment..

So when people ask me how long I've been practising pole, I'd always tell them FOUR. I don't know what makes me think that.

I guess it was when I first watched pole dancing on Jackie Wu's program, when interviewed, this really good participant (Niu Niu) claimed it took her 4 years to become that good. At that time I just started learning and an ex-colleague teased to say maybe I'd become like her after 4 years. At that time it seemed impossible, but secretly i haboured the desire to become that good in a shorter time.

So now that I tracked back my blog, I discovered I indeed started learning only in September 2005 (not 2004, don't know what gave me that impression), even celebrated (on my own) ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY in 2006

Looking back, I was damn gung-ho lor, was PERFORMING COMPLETE WITH WHATEVER INVERTS I COULD DO merely several months into learning.

Took me a while to ascertain from my earlier blog posts that the first lesson ever attended was 14 September 05. I really ought to remember this date as this has got to constitute one major turn in my life. If not for that, I would not be doing this today.

So for those people whom I've been telling you I have been into pole 4 years, sorry, it's not a lie, just a genuine mathematical mistake!


sinlady said...

haha. i use my blog to look up chronology of events too!

vb said...

U like me leh, bad with dates and all and even like wedding anniversary etc.....