Monday, September 01, 2008

Ah Boy in My Car

If you have noticed from pictures or videos posted about Ah boy and his weekly park walks, it is rarely in my car that Ah Boy travels in. In fact, never. I once tried using my car and Ah Boy would not budge despite luring him with his favourite treat (FOOD! His such a glutton haha) It could be because he got used to friends car since the day he was rescued.

So yesterday I had to visit him alone. I was pretty sure he wouldn't get into my car so I brought extra treats. But he surprised me this time. He hopped on and got used to it really fast.

Ah Boy in My Car

The video is short, because er....I was driving, and alone..I know, it's more dangerous than using a cell phone but i couldn't resist cos I could see he was so cute from my rear mirror. Promise, won't do it again! :P


sinlady said...

wah he like the towkay in back seat hor haha

vb said...

No choice what! If dun sit in yr car, then what? Walk? He not stupid hor!

Suzie Wong said...

SL-he's so cute! Love him to pieces

Vb-that's ah boy, he'd rather not budge if he's not 100 percent sure what people are up to or with people he doesn't trust. We been visiting him together and once i went alone, he felt something changed and he didn't even want to leave the gate to come out. I think because of his near death experience, it's very hard for him to trust people easily, and for that it's a great achievement for me.