Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Do me a favour, you GOT TO watch until the 6min 27sec part...

It is like what the? HOW?

On the other hand, this is like quite salah la...hahaha, it has got to be a lady thing altho i really love his spirit

But i think it's cute!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


This the inside of my new name card (suppose to fold). My 'cheena' uncle designed it. I just gave him the photos, he was so proud of his work of art, I won't even contemplate putting him down even if I didn't completely like it.
Anyway when i handed the name cards out, i didn't dare solicit response, but so far nothing negative. I only print 200 copies to test market.

Doesn't the lay out remind you of this?


After a lovely dinner by the beach, we strolled to the jetty to see some people catching fish.

It was a good thing the fisherman didn't want this octopus. The minute it departed the net, with outstretched tentacles and big eyes, it made a bee-line towards the sea beneath the jetty.

It was an interesting sight as it had such survival instinct it didn't care who was pointing a camera towards it (and all the way exclaiming 'so cute', 'so cute'), and it knew exactly which way to go, without one second stopping to wonder where the water was.

It reminded of how my sister described me when i was a small partcipant in the school sports day dashing across the finishing line. The way she described how my eyes were wide opened and running fervently with my chin up, I reckoned I looked like this 8-legged creature last night running to save its life!

But another sea creature was not as lucky. Sigh! This sting ray, about a foot big was lying there gasping for air. I too have the photo but a little sad to post it here.

Monday, March 26, 2007


I remember the first time i ever stepped in a bowling alley for a game was when i was like 20.

See what these kids are having for their birthdays these days!!


Haha...The ball is probably heavier than this boy

Still got side entertaimnet--the HAND WAX

Ok, so this is mine--which i made into a handphone holder, and then others after me all copy! I can't show you how it looks with the handphone because i'm taking this picture with it now!

And the star of the day---the birthday cake!!!! Decadent or not?

i want to marry the baker!

M1 free weekend calls advertisment

I love the latest M1 free weekend calls advertisement on radio. It goes something like that:

Girl : "You have reached so-and-so. Please leave me a message...Beep"
Guy (with super ernest voice): "Hi! This is blah-blah. We just met! I usually call after 3 days, but since i get free weekend calls, i might as well call now...hehehe. Want to go out sometime? Ok, i will call again next weekend"

Don't you just love this ad? So clever! It is a perfect illustration of some of the guys I know.

Remembering when i just graduated from NUS I joined membership in....ahem SDU.....(er, actually I'm still a member now, but very dormant lah).

Then i met this guy at a Karaoke event. He was an engineering lecturer somemore ok. I got a call from him the weekend after, inviting me to be his partner for a dinner event on a cruise (organised by his institution i suppose, i didn't ask)

Before i could reply (rather positive at first), he quickly justified "actually i ask you ONLY (emphasized) because there is karaoke onboard and i know you like karaoke". Win already!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

GIRLS, here's a little TREAT for you!

I was not supposed to video, but the annoucement came after I took these few shorts.

They are SMOKING hot! Better than the last one, Exotica. The last time they had a girl, altho she was gorgeous, danced well, but just didn't fit very well into this "ladies entertainment" concept. Anyway who needed that acrobatic bit right (see the last poster)? So this time round best, just these 5 (or was it 6) hunky boys and 1 super sexy Sydney.

The last bit of my video (from about 53secs onwards til then end the guy on centre stage) featured Sydney---drop-dead cute. For sure I'm going back there to catch him.

Friday, March 23, 2007

My first CLUB Pole Dance experience

Having been a gig performer for over 10 years now, secretly, i have always wanted to know what it is like to be a bar top or club dancer and last night i had the opportunity at Gotham Penthouse---and without a fee! Haha, because it was organised by the school.

So here goes, altho i'm not very satisfied, could be better, but quite an experience.

(Pst---in case you wondering why no shoes, school decided all pole dance performances to go without footwear for safety and uniformity as we were dancing on quite high &narrow platform)

Anyway, eat your heart out girls, the Odyssey boys were rocking. One of them called Sydney is so darn cute. I managed to sneak a very short video of him before there were repeated anouncements that no videography and photography were allowed. Showing you later after i have uploaded, so come back and check ok?

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Last call for ladies who are interested to know about pole dancing, thebodytalks is organising a ladies only night out at the Gotham Penthouse tonight from 7pm to 10pm.

Some students and instructors (yours truly included) will be pole jamming for about an hour plus from 7.30pm.

It is not a choreographed performance per se, shall i describe it to you.

Ok, think Bangkok go-go bar, where the girls appear in batches. NO, NO, NO NOT LIKE THIS

Haha, ours are with pole stunts, like spins and inverts like this :

(In fact, this a picture taken from their last party). Only 2 poles and defnitely clothed!

Besides the jam, you will be treated to really cool choreographed salsa performance by thebodytalks performance team as well as the odyssey boys froms Gotham.

Find out more from

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Remember a while back how a white snob told me off about linking her video?

My point was, if you don't want people to link, then don't allow embed. For me, I found my video embedded here and i feel honoured. In fact i think i will drop a note to thank this person.

Another ended up here. Don't know what it's all about but seems like i have the highest viewer, even higher than the Miss Singapore clip.

Don't know how all these ended up in these places, but I'm not complaining as long as i can trace them. I'm not surprise some will end up in some stripper site

Monday, March 19, 2007


If you do not know by now that I am an HUGE fan of butter cream cake, you are not a close friend of mine (ok, I'm only counting those living in Singapore).

Ok, so it is hard to find a decent butter cream cake bakery as i understand it to be a dying trait. Many people who know of my unusual taste have recommended me places but have yet to discover one that matches up to the stuck up bakery located at middle road. I paid up to $70 for my 2kg birthday cake, and that is after some begging, pleading with the lady owner to bake it for just this one special occasion. The volume for her popular golf-ball pineapple tarts orders for chinese new year is so high she would stop taking orders for any other kinds of cakes at least 2 months before.

Enough is enough, I don't enjoy begging her. I remembered once asking her when she refused my order "ok, tell me, how much then you will make. If 2kg too small, just tell me i will order bigger one". She thought for it a while and replied "no lah, no time, sorry (very insincere one). And she sent me walking out of the shop empty handed...grrrr!

Determined, I decided to bake my own. So today, me and friend went to a culinary expert's house to learn. You decide if I had been successful.

1. Beating the butter mix

2. The fluffy butter cream............yummmmm

3. Spreading it over the sponge

4. Adding the peanuts (we used almond) on the side





Sunday, March 18, 2007


Do you usually pay attention to the headlines on yahoo home page? Seldom for me. But when i saw today's top story "Monkey Mystery Solved", i can't help but to click on it.

It is a funny story unveiling how a mysterious prenancy could have occured in Chimp Haven, a nonprofit organization which provides lifetime care for chimpanzees no longer used for medical research, as pets or entertainer. All male chimps were supposed to have had vasectomy. Click on the news section and see how this story is turning out to be like "the bachelor" show. They singled out 7 suspects, complete with pictures, and you can participate in a "Vote for Dad". Very cute, Juan has this menacing "don't mess with me" look and Jimoh has this wise, mature demenanor. Mason is oh so cute.

But of the many photos the site offers, the one that strikes me most is the mother-and-her-new born-daughter picture.

Know something? The website's homepage has a link to make a donation to Chimp Haven....hmm...very compelled to do that, it is like, helping my own kind, you know what i mean. Better says "help the chimpanzees....Become a member today!!!!" Wah, very beckoning!

Saturday, March 17, 2007


You have no idea how my world came crumbling when I injured my elbow last night when practising for a pole performance to take place tonight! Out of desperation I sms-ed my physiotherapist to book me for an appointment first thing in the morning but was told he was fully booked already. Anyway he understood how important it was for me and squeezed me in between his patients.

So, thanks to you Mr Sia (and God), the show went (almost) perfectly, although on top of those scrapple tapes , i piled on another 2 layers of elbow guards. The show went better than i could imagine, and now i can't wait to watch the video. Jubilation #1.

Just before my pole show tonight, i was invited for another gig, at the Cafe Del Mar. Have heard so much about the place and have wanted to see it, but no time. So Vernon, thank you for the gig. The place did not disappoint.

And the best part of it was after the show as i was about to leave, a guy from the audience came up to compliment on how good i looked on stage. To support his compliment, a girl who was with him said " Yah! He was telling me he seldom sees asian woman that sexy. I took a closer look and told him 'i know this girlm she is my ex-school mate'!!". And yes, she was indeed my secondary school mate. Haha, Jubilation #2

The best part of the evening gotto be this ego booster. Someone asked me if i was interested to be featured in Maxim Magazine. Hahaha, i laughed and reminded Joe that these magazines seem to feature only the twentysomething. Still, it constitutes Jubilation #3. What flattery right?

Anyway, three cheers for tonight, considering how sh*tty it had been for me last night.

Friday, March 16, 2007


My last post says "when come to the pole, i can't stop".

Sigh, seems like there's no end to the injuries too.

Ever since i started learning about a year and a half ago, I have had injured back muscle, wrists, left ankle, hamstring. And the lastest the elbow. And that's not even counting the bruises & pole burns. Don't even want to count the amount i have spent on therapy & pain killers........

And I told some people i want to be poling til I'm 60! What was i thinking!

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The best thing about pole dancing is, you never stop inventing.

You remember
the move i got about 2 weeks back? I found out it is called the Brass Monkey (ah, don't know why the name). I basically get up from the usual invert, switch my leg around, hook from behind my knees and hang.

Yesterday i found another way of getting into this move (you can hear the elation):

Ok, so last call for those who want to come to the Girls Nite Out Jam on 22 March 2007 (next Thursday) at Gotham Penthouse organised by thebodytalks, Oothique & Buzz.

Me and some of the girls will be POLE JAMMING, and it will be great for those who are considering learning not just the pole, but exotic and salsa.

If we girls performing is not your cup of tea, then what about these odyssey boys "baring" for you? Yes, they will provide the finale.
For tickets, please email me or visit thebodytalks website.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I showed off some new costumes.............

So here they are what i have acquired recently

A heavily sequinned coat complete with fur collar & matching hat, but Spider has to refer to this as "Your silver raincoat" (eyeballs roll up)

Meow will know who's red shoulder that belongs to (have to crop, not save to show anyone's elses face anymore)
A sexy-police woman outfit for a mafia night. But I don't think the local force was very thrilled because i look fresh out from filming an adult movie

Then the crop jacket was stripped to reveal this. This actually has a nice matching skirt which i didn't use for this show. Will use for another show.

Monday, March 12, 2007


organised by
In association with Oohtique and Buzz
an event for their students and their girlfriends.
Featuring Pole Dance (yes, moi should be performing), Cabaret and Ladies' Salsa Dance performances by instructors.
The Odyssey boys from Johannesburg will end the night with their energetic Male Exotic Dance performance.

Event Details:-
Date: 22 Mar, Thu
Time: 7-10pm
Venue: Gotham Penthouse, Clarke Quay
Ticket Price: 1-4 tix > $13 / 5 or more > $12 (incl. 1 drink)* No reservations.
SO GET YOUR TICKETS FAST at thebodytalks studio, 27B Kreta Ayer Rd. Call us at 6 221 1724 or email: for more info.


I just received this email from a person that reads :

"Remove my video of the pole dance competition from your website by today, if not my company is going to take action"

I think you should email the person who uploads it. I did not video you. I merely linked in from youtube that says "FOR PUBLIC VIEWING". You should request for the person to either remove, disallow embed or set it to private.

I have said nothing other than good things about you, girlie.

Anyway, my dear blog readers. I'm sorry, you will see videos only of myself. It is not safe to post anything of anyone anymore, not when instead of thanking you, i have to deal with such arrogance.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Saw this belly dance video when searching for the recent Club Momo's Pole Dance Championship.

Oh who is she? I love her style, not overly agreesive or flambouyant and she is oh so graceful. Can anyone tell me who is this or what song is this? It is so nice with a drum solo in the middle.

Anyways, here is the winner of Club Momo's recent competition....Sexy girl with lots of LEGS!


Have you met people who when trying to say something nice, unknowingly pepper something negative, that makes you just want to say "er ok, bye!" But they actually don't mean any harm? know what I'm saying?

There is this valet uncle from a hotel who had always been super friendly. At that time i didn't own a driving license and relied heavily on dad to fetch me around for gigs. While waiting for my dad to head back and collect me after a gig, this valet uncle will engage me in some trivia discussions but somehow he will utter some unnecessaries that make me hope dad would return sooner. To make it worse, he would speak to me in mix of English and Hokkien. HOKKIEN? How come (scratch my head!?!?) There were quite many incidents which i couldn't remember except for this one. He said something like i should be making a lot of money zipping around for events. Out of modesty I said I didn't make that much. Stupid answer, as that prompted him to ask how much I was paid per gig? He asked "got few thousand dollars or not". I said "no lah, where got so much?" His reply "No meh? Why so little? How come not like Liang Zhi Chiang (Jack Neo) they all like that? They pay very high you know?

Today, as i pulled up at another hotel front, I realised valet uncle has jumped shipped to this hotel. I could tell he was really happy to see me and greeted me heartedly with "jin gu bo kua tiok li" (literally translated as long time no see). You can also tell he was really happy to see me drive myself instead of being chauferred by dad. He repeatedly uttered "Wah, very good hor, now you drive yourself, got own car".............and then he had to add.............."but this car now very cheap hor....hor.....hor". Win already!

Ok ok, since I'm at this topic, can anyone tell me what would you do when someone uninvitedly comments that you have (urgh, don't ladies hate this most) PUT ON WEIGHT?

On one tired night after performing several sets I just wanted to chill out on my own at Actors, (still) my favourite joint, this guy (S) sat next to me and this how the conversation goes:

S : looks like you "fa fu" already (gone prosperous, i.e. grown fatter)
Me : (tired, not interested in this type of conversation, looked at him) Is it? (looked away)
S : er......I hope you don't get offended leh, I just thought I tell you the truth.
Me : Huh? Ok! (looked away)
S : But really lor, I hope you don't get offended, I just telling the truth. You look like you are offended.
Me : Oh ok, I am offended (staring straight)
S : Don't like that leh, don't get offended
Me : Ok, I am not offended
----------------silence----------------(for like next hour).

Please, someone tell me how to handle this type of situation

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Did you read in TNP about some people ploughing half a million dollars in grooming new talents? The weird thing is these people are taking chances on the newbies as singers when they haven't even heard them sing before!

I chanced upon being a gig singer when i was approached by a then Singapore's top MC after I won some singing competitions. If you were from my time, you will know this MC for his puppet act, let's call him "Vincent". That time i was still holding a corporate job (yes in Shenton Way, acting all atas with those power suits, in retrospect i think i was so obiang then), hence the singing assignments were extras.

Vincent had 2 regular gig singers, A and myself. We were both in our 20s but i could see A was a few years younger then me. She was very enthusiastic, unlike me who was the slighly tidak-apa one, who would refuse to take on more roles other than sing, not if i was not paid for the extra tasks. A, on the other hand would willingly double up as cheer-leader, scorer, magic assistant etc, just so that she could be allowed to sing 1 or 2 songs.

After a year, i turned full time and that was the last i heard of Vincent and A.

Of late, i discovered this fanstastic nasi lemak stall that stays open til 4am. Excellent for me, you would find me there after a pole class, after a gig etc. I learnt that the stall is family-owned and run. And this slightly pudgy, auntie-looking lady, obviously a family member of the stall-owner would always chat me up. She is intrigued why sometimes I'm totally plane-jane, sometimes look battered(after pole class) and sometimes i wear full make-up to come and have my late-night dinner. She is always prodding my vocation and i will just brush it like "work office lor, or, dancer lor (when i'm all dolled up).

Today she decided to ask my name. And when i told her, she went...." last time work for Vincent one issit" OMG! How she knows. Then she revealed the next unbelievable thing that she is actually "A"!!!

So we went about what happened to each of us after those years and she told me she only sang briefly after that, doing mostly substituting for live band singers.

Then next thing she told me she would give me her photo and asked me to get her some singing jobs. I politely asked if she still had her minus one music and costumes and she went "music very easy only what, just buy lor" and she pointed in some direction as though there are some VCD shops near by. She added "Costumes can buy from 'This fashion', they have many". Well, ok. Just nice, finish my lemak...yum yum, time for class.

Before i depart, she said "Eh, you know "J"or not, J used to work for Vincent". I said "Ya". He always come and eat and i also gave him his photo, but he never ask me to sing"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


In conjuction with the International Women's Day, between 6 March to 8 March, thebodytalks has set up a booth just outside the Raffles Place MRT promoting exotic and pole dance for fitness.

I sneaked out during lunch this afternoon to help out. Ok, ok, you got me..............the truth is..........Yes! I DO LOVE THE ATTENTION AT SHENTON WAY where i used to work some 15 years ago.

So..........., here's me

And here's Linna, my teacher and principal of thebodytalks

And here's her troupe performing the Salsa

If you wanna find out more or some down and lend your support, there is one more day tommorow!

Psst: Now I'm back at office and i stink like hell from my perspiration. yucks!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday, March 05, 2007


I drive up this porch regularly because it is one of place i know i can find good body massages and foot reflexiologist after midnight. It is also a bustling place for other kinds of after-midnight activities.
Very often, you spot all kinds of stylo-mylo sports car parked at the entrance. But of late, only these super duper sleek yellow ones dominate the valet lots. The black one of the same breed on the right has just arrived. Cool!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I SURVIVED............

18 gigs in 10 days, hows that for a record?

Finally have some time for the pole, friends and indulgences.

SO, anyone interested to join me for this? Huh, huh? Anyone?

Check his blog out for more

Thursday, March 01, 2007


...........I HOPE!

Twice during my recent CNY hostings, they had feng shui masters to talk about the astrology and the year of pig.

Both reveal that, if you either one of these, wealth will come your way this year:

Certainly hope it's true, for i have 11 gigs this week. Guess which one is me?