Monday, September 15, 2008

Near Perfection

If you have looks and bods like these & nose-bleed inducing costumes like these to match.......PLEASE learn the real pole dancing....don't get me wrong, they already sizzle to the max. But if they can do some pole tricks, I think can burn the studio down !

In my own thoughts "how come can have girls so perfect one...somemore not photos hor, cannot photoshop "


sinlady said...

hmmm...well, they not do pole properly because they don't have to lor since they banking on looks alone.

vb said...

My dear, doesn't look like a real sturdy pole for pole stunts hor! And agree with sinlady that their main intention is not to pole but use their looks to the max! Why envy them when their so-called "talent" is nothing that special/unique in this competitive performing world.