Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seasoned multi-tasker

My last 3 shows this week required me to do event hosting with a showtime. Out of the 3, 2 had a pole show in it.

I didn't realise what a multi-tasker I was until a client commented: "wow! that's amazing. people usually do host OR showtime. You can do both and you can "swap" roles just like that and you do it so well."

I have to say it is a task I'm slowly perfecting. Picture this sequence as an MC/entertainer:

1. Report at event venue for event brief
2. Start of event-greet dinner guests, run thru program...blah blah...
3. Introduce VIP speech
4. After speech, thank VIP, Dinner served
5. Usually change outfit here
6. Sing a song before awards presentation
7. Play some games with audience
8. Conduct lucky draw
9. More games
10. change outfit prepare for pole show
11. Pole show starts--singing singing, spinning, spinning, audience interact, invert, invert, one more costume change and more singing and more inverts for last song
12. End of pole show, runs to back stage to out on more decent clothes
13. Attempt to look fresh again before conducting final lucky draw and say goodbye to event. Sometimes still have to start disco dance!

Anyway these were the 2 videos:

1. MC & pole show at Lunar

2. MC plus pole show at a dinner event, featuring Kelly, my latest recruit


sinlady said...

i still don't know how u do it !

wildgoose said...

Why so "pia"? It's dizzying just to read what you do.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

your clients cant complain that u are not value for $$$!

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks all, in summary, to reply all...

....because I not want to have clients complain that I not value for $$$, that's why I have to so "pia" to do things that many people still don't know how (or don't wan) to do! hahahaha...makes sense?