Thursday, November 22, 2007


Someone is obviously moved enough to cover the story of AH BOY on Gold 90.5 during lunchtime jukebox!

Apparently the story continues later tune in if you have time.

Ah Boy is a celebrity dog!

BTW, I've uploaded the full MC cum tribal pole art video, it's available on the side link for those interested. Shows me doing hosting, singing and then the pole performance in one night


Oh indeed, Ah Boy story was told at 11.45am today, albeit a little inaccurate. But still, he's MY boy!


sinlady said...

great video. shows how much versatility is involved in your gig.

who picked up the story of ah boy to get him featured on 90.5?

Suzie Wong said...

Thank you. OH, the links are there

wildgoose said...

You really sound like a proud mommy. :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

not all dogs are so lucky. i read somewhere that someone locked the dog up in a cage and hid it deep in the forest (if there is such a thing in singapore). when it was found, it was so hungry that it ate its fur on its tail. so cruel :(

i tell my dog that whenever he is naughty. but i doubt that he understands!

sinlady said...

edpj - bear bear understands. just don't believe you haha