Friday, November 30, 2007

suzie WONG still going STRONG

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me........


Hmm........guess I won't be getting this

Why? Because I'll be working working working! No time to have a real celebration.

Not complaining, I think that's a good sign that Suzie Wong is still going Strong

In fact talking about going strong, remember 2 day's ago Mr-call-me-susan-wong? He came hunting me down because he claimed I performed for his organisation some 4 to 5 years back and he had wanted me back this year.

Then strangely on the same night, I was at a gig. The MD of the company came to the backstage to talk to me. He too said his company had me at their D&D 7 years back. He asked if I recall the company was only half the size then...Vaguely. He had requested for the event company to provide 'Suzie Wong' again this year....(thank you, but like why after so long right? chuckle!". Friend's answer to that "7 year's itch..tsk)

Then after the gig, I went for pole practice (trust me to still have this kind of energy at this age), this girl whom I was meeting for the first time in the studio came up to me and exclaimed "Hey! I've seen you before. You performed for my hubby's D&D 2 years ago in that cheong sam". Then she went on to tell others how good I was switching from different language songs and how I made she and her husband "chio ka peng" (laugh heartily).

Yes, from Mr Susan Wong to "chio ka peng", all these took place in one day. Some form of affirmation for me......a good birthday present :)


Glamourpuss said...

Happy Birthday, petal - here's to many more years poleing!


sinlady said...

Hap-pee berd-day!

imp said...

happy birthday!

Suzie Wong said...

Thank you puss, SL & imp :)

Atho I didn't have time to do much but I'm happy