Monday, November 26, 2007

I'M SO ATTACHED.........

...... TO THIS PLACE! Gosh, I'm beginning to look forward to Sundays because this is the only day I can go if I do not have a gig.

Sadly, today I can't get to see Ah Boy as "the Mother Teresa of these Doggies" (who owns & runs this place), informed me that Ah Boy had just undergone sterilization and she doesn't want him getting all excited as it's not good for healing. So I just stood there watching the other dogs.

I'm beginning to find some of them looking like humans, like people we know, you know what I mean? They are so human, their emotions, moods, temperament......

This black doggie reminds me of a black soul singer I know. Perching atop this marble table, she is a picture of divinity.

I don't who is this foxy lady, but she makes a nice portrait. I'm still trying to find one like me. I think for now the closest is Ernie, who is this short mix breed of Jack Russle and Boarder, who is small & mighty. Very independent, brave & cute. Minds his own business amongst the dogs (doesn't get bullied), but loves attention from human, and very very loving. Will take a picture of Ernie next time.

I spent an hour standing there observing them (outside the fence, I didn't want to go in, I didn't want Ah Boy to know I was there or he'll be so sad he can't come out for his walks), mostly in the rain. Some of these sweeties beat the rain to come out of the shelter to greet me, so cute!

Ah, the rain stopped in time for mealtime! Slurp! See, so organised.

Anyway, Ah Boy will be out of the cage in a week, when his wounds heal, to join all these cuties out here in the big compound! W.e.e.e.e.e.e!

This place needs support, if you can help in anyway let me know


lilian said...

aww, black dog is so cute

Suzie Wong said...

Hi Lilian, thanks for dropping by. Yes, the black dog is an angel

sinlady said...

everytime u write about the orphaned dogs, it makes me think of the 2 i had. i miss having mutts in my life!