Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's a uber busy day (week & month actually) for me. I've got to get into the office, settle all the negotiations, quotations, contracts, check other colleagues work, discuss concepts and upcoming projects etc etc and later get home to prepare for an evening gig .

So I normally dress down, really really down in the day (when i have no need to see clients) as I'll have to doll up later for gigs. Today is no different.

Just now while zipping between projects and phone calls, suddenly 2 men (one uniformed and one civilian) marched into the office and caught everyone by surprise. They don't look like sales men. When asked if they could be helped, one of them replied loudly "I've come to look for Susan Wong! Is there a Susan Wong? Is Susan Wong still performing? I want her to perform for our event la"

Good grief! Susan (excuse me, it's "Suzie" btw) is just standing right in front of them! I was so embarrassed in my state (not only was I in glasses, was totally naked face and wearing slippers) and I just uttered "yes yes, she is still performing" and quickly ushered them to the reception to be attended by my colleague.

When I finally composed myself, I introduced myself to them, much to their amusement that the 'Susan Wong" that they knew actually looks like that in real life. One of them (the civilian clothed one) kept musing "look so totally different hor"!

Well the job is more or less firmed (phew!). But it taught me a lesson to NOT dress so down on normal days. Either that or remember to close my office door always!


Anonymous said...

Bwahahaha! Luckily I oredi know what SUSAN Wong looks like in real life :D :D :D.

sinlady said...

actually when u say one uniformed and one civilian, i thought it was a vice raid since u advertised your services available in geylang mah

Aelgtoer said...

Hahaahaha Sinlady! lol. Hmm but I think it's ok to dress down once in a while la Suzie, just have someone on hand to filter out clients before they reach you. :)

Adamdam said...


You so funny la you!!