Saturday, November 24, 2007


Tonight I was gigging at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel. The carpark was full so I had to turn to valet. When I collected my car, I almost swoon! The fee was a frigging TWELVE DOLLARS! Blardy expensive.

You know how these valet when the fee is $4 and you give a $5note, or when it's $7 and you give a $10 note, they usually help themselves to the change as tip. Most people, like me will just drive off when the guy does not return with the change. But tonight I was adamant NOT to pay anything more. So when I handed over $15, I stood there with my hand out palm up for my change before I go get my car. The guy played delay tactic by digging into every pocket and ransacking the drawer to find $3, and I still didn't budge til I got my change.

This was the scene of Orchard Road at 12 midnight!
Everyone's still out spending money. I too felt like doing some midnight shopping so it was off to Mustaffa Centre. But I was disappointed as they didn't have a few things I wanted. I thought at Mustaffa, you can get yeverything and yanyhing!

I couldn't find the Haagan Daz 3-in-a-box stick ice-cream, they only sold the tub ones. Then I couldn't find false eye lashes. When I enquired with a sales lady, I was flatly replied with a "no more stock". Silly me! Which Indian lady needs to wear false lashes right? Unless you telling me, actually they are ALL wearing! Hahaha.

But well at least I was consoled with this find! The single bristle tooth brush that I swear cannot be found in ALL Guardians, Watson's, Cold Storage nor NTUC Supermarket anymore. I need them for the wisdom tooth. I even went to JB to find! So, I bought half a dozen! Hee


sinlady said...

Orchard Road traffic is like that all hours day and night! sigh. I cannot say don't go there until after New Year's since my office is there.

Never thought of it, but you are right. Indian women really do not need false lashes :)

Suzie Wong said...

that reminds me, gotto pay a visit at you office soon...wink!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Lilian. Your blog is v interesting