Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When I arrived at my studio today, I was greeted with this mess/mass sprawled across the dance floor.

Can you guess what are these?

They are about 200 of my prized Karaoke Laser Discs, possessions I accumulated over the years when i was an avid karaoker cum singing coach, before i turned pole dance instructor and entreprenuer.
When i left my previous job at an event company, I left these LDs there for 3 reasons, the latter 2 being selfish ones. #1. I thought my ex company would have use for them since they provide karaoke set up services. #2. I don't have space in my small office to store this mass. #3. I don't know how to deal with them since they have cost me several thousand dollars to acquire and now they are mere obsoletism because I don't own any laser disc player anymore, and who still uses LDs but VCDs, DVDs, computerized digital format whatsoever

For #3, although I had no intentions to keep them, neither had I wanted to sell or discard them because they would be so worthless with these modern day technology. I recalled spending as much as $99 to buy each one of those produced by Pioneer, Toemi or Hit Pops (only hardcore karaokers will know the difference of these discs with UBest and Tailon brands..haha). The music offered by those brands were so original and mostly so pleasant to sing along with. Some of my 拿手好歌, songs which won me championships included Whitney Houston's "Where do broken hearts go", "Saving all my love for you", "All the man that I need", all sung to the versions produced by Pioneer ot Hit Pops Brand of Laser Discs.

When i stared at these LDs, fondly placing them back into their original sleeve covers & checking for scratches, I wondered about their fate. Sell them at flea market? To kananguni (rag) man? Bring home to collect dust?

Then I thought of a lovely friend, who still counts karaoke as her favourite past time. I know she would want them and take good care of them. True enough when I called her, she was more then pleased to inherit them from me.

Oh thank goodness that they do have to end up in thrashes!


sinlady said...

happy to hear your collection went to someone who appreciates them. i think i'd just sacrifice space at home or office to store them if they did not go to good home. cannot trash yet lah.

wildgoose said...

exactly how I feel about my books. can't bear to junk them, but know I won't read them. Good that someone wants them.

Suzie Wong said...

SL, WG--2 people read this and asked why i didn't think of them:(

WG-hate that feeling, which is why home getting more and more congested