Wednesday, January 02, 2008


In view of the rising prices of ANYTHING & EVERYTHING, including the chicken rice I have for lunch EVERYDAY, I shall:

1. drive with aircon off and windows down whenever possible to conserve fuel
2. buy & stock up toiletries ONLY when there are offers or sale (usually when they have near expiry dates...hmm, then how to stock up)
3. Park further and walk if there are cheaper alternatives.

....... thinking.......thinking of more ways to save.

Isn't it so frustrating that eveything is rising so rapidly? Last night I was having dinner with friend at one of the favourite "zhi cha" stall in the CBD area, which I have not gone in a while due to the festive & peak season. A seafood bee hoon, a plate of kai lan and a pot of chrysanthemum tea usually cost $16. Value for money. I was so happy when it was still $16 last night, only to discover the prawns have now become shrimps! Grr.......

Another resolution I'm tempted to make is to hire men only for the next recruitment. The last time I had this
conniving one. This time even more 'tok-kong'--she had cooked up a sob story to fool me (not one but via 3 smses throughout the day) of family/mum problems to absent herself from work on 31 Dec 07 (the busiest day of the year) but in effect she had been resting at home and recovering from her moon-lighting ways. Applaud! But u know what? I don't either story now.


sinlady said...

aiyoh. don't lah. just chill more can or not (work and leisure)

wildgoose said...

actually, driving with the windows down slows down the car, so it may not conserve fuel...

Suzie Wong said...

SL-sigh! thanks. Just one of those pek chek days.

WG-oh really? Never thot of that...have been able to go a bit further on full tank.