Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I love how good she has gotten over time. Chanced upon her when I needed to research "Kiss Kiss"choreography for a project.

I knew the English version was by Holly Valance, never quite heard of Mina. Watched a music video of hers and fell instantly in love with Mina cos she is so gorgeous (Korean, it's not a Malay or Philipino name I initially thought it was). The dancing wasn't that great at that time, altho her good looks was enough reason for me to continue watching. Plus I like the gold costume.

Then i decided to watch 2 more videos of hers and am impressed how everything just gotten even better, her looks, body, her skintone, seemingly fuller boobies, and her dance...

I'm embedding her videos as they are very inspirational





sinlady said...

she singing in Korean? she cute. her costume is sexy. hey, only the music video available leh.

Suzie Wong said...

yes korean, altho if you watch the other videos, certain parts (bridge )are english like "you wanna touch me, u wanna feel me.

I can watch all the videos in office and at home leh? should see between 2nd & 3rd video she had so much improvements altho she looked nice in both. Perhaps you can search youtube mina kiss kiss performance & mina -concept & kiss kiss comeback performance under TOUCHYYME account

Anonymous said...

must have been a glitch last nite. both vids played fine this morning. yup, "mina" much improved between the 2. Kiss Kiss is her signature song?

sinlady said...

oops. anonymous above is me!

Suzie Wong said...

seems like it. if not the fact i promised to be good & rest tonight, I'd probably be researching more into mina's music. last nite while watching, saw Didem's belly dance video, aiyo so good