Saturday, February 02, 2008


I remember telling you about the online purchase of this little red dress last year.
Since receiving it, I have not had an occasion to wear it. Last evening, I was supposed to host an event as "Suzie Wong". I promised the client a traditional qi pao (or "cheong sam") ensemble as it was supposed to be a chinese new year thingy.

After going through my wardrobe, I decided to don on this. But to play safe, I brought along my qi paos (not one, but several) to change out if I sense the client's disapproval (I have been warned that clients are wholesome and no-nonsense people) But surprisingly and thankfully, clients loved it and they ordered me to remain in this dress throughout the event.

So this is the thing about Suzie, whether you like my fashion sense, when I am delivering a job, I make it a point to wear appropriate clothes, shoes, hair & full make-up. To some, I may be out of date. But I cannot understand the younger generation. Yesterday afternoon I was singing at another event when i spotted this young, pretty, slim, leggy female mc in tight jeans, flip flop (I know it is suppose to be very fashionable, but I'd wear it only on casual), she had documents sticking out of her back pocket, and she was chewing gum throughout. Don't get me wrong, she may be very cool in the eyes of your audience (and she was a relativey good mc at that young age), but it's just something suzie won't wear even when hosting in casual a family-day sort of event. In that sense, I'm so like my mum!


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

tat looks like a kimono inspired dress. nice!

sinlady said...

don't change. your mom is cool :)

wildgoose said...

Go with appropriate attire any time!

Suzie Wong said...

EDPJ-yes it is. only thing the gathers mke it very hard to wear.

SL-:) mum will be happy to hear that

WG-tanks for affirmation again :)