Saturday, February 09, 2008

Dealing with the calories

After 2 days of chinese new year binging, Suzie feels a dire need to sweat out those calories.

So woke up this morning, 3rd day of CNY (near afternoon actually) to work it out on the pole. Did this short short routine about 3 times, ah......feel much better, can feast some more tonight at sis's place :D (anyway sis, my routine will probably look something like this if your thing is on).

Pardon the attempt to do the slow part, cos I'm no ballerina, so I know it doesn't look too graceful


sinlady said...

hey, only day 2 you know. so M-A-N-Y more makan days to go haha.

nice work on the pole.

Anonymous said...


Suzie Wong said...

SL, yes many more days that's why start working out early! haha

Sis, hmm...too bad it's year ok