Sunday, February 03, 2008

Measure of FAME


While Hollywood has its Walk of Fame or Madam Tussaud, HK has its own measure of popularity, I think.

You know how recently there has been rife scandals of Edison Chen (Hong Kong actor) & partners and if you are like me, have no time to follow, you can sort-of read the summarised version here.

Out of curiousity (it's true), I visited the links posted on this site, and soon i found my way to another site that read "HONG KONG PORNSTARS PICTURES" . While many of them (most) are obviously doctored and some look really ridiculous & ludicrous, you can't help but to wonder why people bother to go through the trouble to do that, i.e. match their expressions to "superimposed" poses.

But one thing for sure, (as I shared my thoughts with friend), you've got to be famous to be in that list!

Disclaimer : Visit the links at your own risk, especially the last one. writer cannot guarantee that the sites are harmless, but so far nothing has happened to my computer yet!


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

i saw the first ones here:

honestly i dont think they are doctored.

also if they are really lookalikes, they must be twin to the actor/actresses or something!

the supposed cecilia cheung looked drunk or on drugs in the photos.

wildgoose said...

What made these people agree to having these photos taken esp when it's just a fling? Who cares even if he's a superstar? celebrities can really be out of this world...

Suzie Wong said...

EDPJ-exactly what i thot about cecilia's scary

WG-like what EDPJ says, may be drunk or something. As for the Gillian one, maybe she's not aware?

wildgoose said...

I only saw the mosaic pix on the "summary" page. Not interested to see the actual pix so I wouldn't know. :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

morale of the story: dont ever be filmed or photographed in the nude!