Sunday, February 17, 2008

From Woodlands to Tampines to Tuas

Suzie was singing them Chinese New Year tunes "Gong xi gong xi gond xi ni", apart from the usual dinners. I wish it will be like that every year.

I thank God for a busy and good start. I heard that this year the 4 greatest zodiac signs to benefit from rat are the Ox, Dragon, Monkey & Snake. I'm one of them! "HUAT AR"....hahaha


Adamdam said...

Way to go!

This early part of the year, not many shows for me cos I cant speak in Mandarin haha so I dont benefit from the CNY season =(

teach me hw to MC in mandarin haha

chang seng guli guli! said...

Happy new year Suzie,

Glad to know it is going to be a good year for Dragon's.

Sam x

Suzie Wong said...

Haha, adamadam, but you better, you can speak 3 languages.....English, melayu & Tamil, I you can do Hari Raya & Deepavali which I can't

Hi Sam, thanks for dropping by....yes, dragon, so can expect prosperity and wealth!

wildgoose said...

I think I would choose not to believe in the zodiac cos it's a bad year for the horse. Haha...

Aelgtoer said...

Ha ha we choose what we want to believe la. Have a great year ahead Suzie. :)