Tuesday, December 11, 2007


But I'm still sane. The fatigue of working day & night from now til christmas and about 8 are pole!

But what surprised me was I just received an sms "please take note. Alot of event co talk bad about your show"

I shouldn't be telling you this to tarnish my own reputation, but with some 20 more to go in 14 days, I wonder who are spreading these rumours (if I find out who you are you better not cross my path!)

Anyway on a happier note. Got myself new pole, new dress (mail order) & shoes to match. I tell you, darn hard to look slim with all those gathers, hard to suck in like mad! Haha


sinlady said...

How can suzie wong show be bad if there are 20 shows more to go in next 14 days? plenty sore losers out there.

Suzie Wong said...

thanks SL. Just one day they'll need me and we'll see

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes, probably by fat flabby fools who think very easy to copy and then put up unsuccessful pole-humping shows :p
Dress simple but very glam...jealous jealous!