Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pole-fessional in media?

I think there might be some mention of the Pole-fessional in the news (Straits Times, I think) this Sunday. Ah...I hope the facts are right this time.

Anyway christmas is just 10 days away and everyone's in a party mood. Audiences today were simply great, they really dressed to the nines. Check out spider man in jacket (earlier I challenged him to climb the pole & got jeered when he couldn't....hahaha)
And across the street they posed for me....aww how cute (pardon the quality because got moving objects, look closely and it looks like got ghost taxi...haha)


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

poor spidey! cool suit tho.

sinlady said...

kinda funny to think spidey cannot shimmy up the pole :)

Yup, you pole dancers will be featured in Sunday Times tomorrow. I just saw the small ad in ST this morning (page Life 34).

Suzie Wong said...


SL-when i asked who coming up to demo, some pointed to spidey, and he gamely took the challenge. did a lot of drama poses before his attempt..hahaha, very funny