Saturday, December 22, 2007


The pressure was inevitable, the Taiwanese are NOT strangers to pole dancing, they probably started pole dancing way before it caught popularity here. But yet they had wanted to see us.

Thank you for showing us so much love! Without a doubt one of the most memorable event ever.

Crediting this event to:
1. Carreyhill Productions (for yet again taking that leap of faith in me)
2. Taiwan Life (you people rock!)
3. Pole-holics Linna & Jolyn (for the tireless practices, those lashes, crab party etc etc...)
4. Pole-holics Diana aka Apricotbrandii (sweetie, for the support)
5. Big guys from Des D Mel Promotions (from XL to S) Ryan, Wayne, Yang & Felix


imp said...

merry christmas sweetie!

have fun gigging! but don't exhaust yourself!!!

sinlady said...

strong team you have there in Pole-holics!

wildgoose said...

The men must be having nose bleed. :p great show.

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks Imp. It's very exhausting but i really hope i can do many more years of this. Scary to think i can't fo this anymore

SL- thanks. We really looking forward to more of these

WG-haha, I hope so