Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still on topic of Birthday

These are some of the birthday pressies I got this year.

Elegant black top from Brenda, Hong Pao from boss and red thong (check out the butterfly) from Linna & cyber shot.

Thanks, I love them all,

Think I'm getting this from my sis.......Lmao (model not included)


eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

happy birthday!!

sinlady said...

so which is your fave gift this year?

Suzie Wong said...

thank you edpj.

wa, ms SL, how to answer such sensitive quetion one? lol. I will wear the red thong with my elegant black top, jazz it up with the pink cowboy hat, use the hong bao money to buy whatever else needed and use the camera to snap a picture to show you the ensemble! haha

Aelgtoer said...

Lol Happy belated birthday!:P Time to bring out the bubbly. :)