Tuesday, December 04, 2007


BEWARE...................LONG RANT

The end of year is usually a bountiful period for me, but I usually have to work my butt out for the harvest.

This year is exceptionally stressful (does not equate to being more harvest) because I've since diversed to MC-ing and pole dancing. Previously I just had to sing. I used to have an "artist manager" but now I "manage" myself and negotiate my own rates, settle my own bookings, collect payments, deal with the program, marketing etc. No one knows the load, they think things just fall on my lap. Company (my agent) just sits back and wait for their portion of the yield.

Besides that I still work in the day. Managing accounts, payroll, creative concepts, a little on sales & operations, in a nutshell, managing people.

Today I have an exceptionally trying day. I started the morning telling off a couple of colleagues who did not follow instructions (see, I become unswerable when things go wrong). Then came demanding customers who wanted things to be done IMMEDIATELY as if I only handle ONE account, and event companies who needed a little nudging for confirmations and payments, I had to get some merchanise, reserve santa's outfit for an event, book pole props and arrange transport .....& the list goes on.

By mid-day I was all stressed out and I was supposed to have an MC-ing cum singing job later. I took a very short nap to calm myself down. Within that half hour I have no idea the nightmare that crept into my sleep could almost be a reality.

Somehow I dreamt that the show took place in Hong Kong (because it was a Hong Kong lady who hired me in reality). Me being a regular HK visitor taught it was not going to be difficult to get around. I arrived at the event venue only to realise I had forgotten to bring my make-up kit. There was only an hour left to shop for the cosmetic and put them on. When I went to a mall, the sales girl was out of sight & I had so much problem getting help. When I eventually bought my stuff I had wandered so far off from where I started I got lost. I hopped on a cab to take me back when suddenly there was an eclipse of the sun that caused the entire street to black out. Since it was still daytime, there was no street lights, so it was pitch dark. All vehicles including my taxi came to a halt as they were afraid of collision. I urged the taxi to carry one and inch it's way as I was really late. When the sunlight eventually came on, the taxi was on the other side of the street and I ordered him to alight me and I ran as fast as I could (you realise how you can't run fast in dreams?). When I eventually found my way, the event had started and the guests were hosting the show themselves and they were really upset when I showed up.

I woke up almost in tears. That was really disturbing and now I felt 10x worse. I didn't have good feeling of the show already.

Although not as dramatic as the dream had gone, my show was really interrupted with smses and calls that someone in the company has accepted a double booking for another show. Double booking means a slot is booked twice by 2 separate events. How now like that? Almost the whole world was blamed for this blunder except himself. Furthermore, a dear colleague forgot to carry out something I had tasked him to do that was related to this matter & I didn't even get an apology, only attitude. So unbecoming!

Aiyah................I'm super upset now lor. Sometimes I think I'm old liao, should concentrate on my gigs while I can still perform. I'm lacking the energy to concentrate on so many things. You can't put heart and soul into your performances when 20mins before you take on the stage to greet 200 to 1000 people, you are asked to solve a problem created by OTHER people!

Since I'm on an irritable mood, let me tell you how some people can be very irritating. That day I received a call from a friend who has NOT kept in touch with me for ages and I was busy standing by a show. The conversation went like this (and all the time I sounded hurried but I took care to be patient & helpful)

Me : Ya Awyong?
Awyong : E-e-e-a-a-a-i-i-i (like you know how they try to prolong that to sound really friendly)! I want to ask you were I can rent costumes.
Me : (I didn't reciprocrate the friendliness) Several, you can check the yellow pages. But the biggest one with everything you need will be No.1 Costume Costume at Aliwal Street
Awyong : Number what?
Me : N-u-m-b-e-r- O-n-e C-o-s-t-u-m-e C-o-s-t-u-m-e.
Awyong : Number One Costume ah?
Me : Costume Costume. Two times (the word costume). (Again I repeated slowly) Number One Costume Costume. They located at A-L-I-W-A-L street. Sorry I don't have number and address, it's near Arab Street. Go and check up yourself with service 100 (local directory) or something.
Awyong : Oh ok (then under his breath he was repeating the name slowly as though he was writing it down).
Before he could ask further I hung up.

After the show I had an sms that read "Can you please forward me the name and details of the costume shop again? Please?"

I never did!

Anyway, back to now, I'm glad the show didn't go as badly. It would have been so much better if i could blank out all these miserable interruptions to enjoy it. So those who have contributed to this misery, avoid me for at least the next 2 to 3 days...you don't want to hear me


--------added later---------

Oh great! I just realised I've left my CD bag (tan jiak one) at the earlier show. Now have to go back and get tomorow......why do things have to go wrong together?


researcher said...

OMG! Retire! or slow down. many many interesting and less stressful things out there u can do. "ching ching" - no worries. cash register still ringing...else u seriously need to hire an ops person to help u before u wear yourself out!

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks researcher, Hopefully la, you know can only dream about retiring when you know what happens. Something that we discussed that day that COULD happen! :) remember?

Hire ops person? There were 6 other persons plus 1 boss in the office today while i was out for show, and this thing can(double booking) still happen. U tell me la. Information everywhere available that I already have this gig that this can still happen! (dates written on board, deposit collected with colleague, another colleague sent to recce the site liao) I really don't know what went wrong! And not like Office is damn big! Uurgh!

On a happier note if I retire, think i will be a volunteer at Ah Boy's place now :D

sinlady said...

I am speechless. How can you work like that for very much longer?

wildgoose said...

You really can do with a manager! Treat you to some cakes when you finally can take a breather.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

u sound really stressed out!

perhaps u should just have a break from your day job or something (given that i guess u cant break away from your night gigs)