Friday, December 07, 2007


if only you can measure someone's love for you by what they get for you as gifts. It's not about how expensive, but the thoughts and efforts put into how useful it is for you. . So I'm fascinated when people buy me clothes. Imagine they have to wonder if you will wear it or can fit into it. They really love you 100% when their mental calculation of my size is so accurate. Because even I have problem estimating my own size, that's why I always end up buying wrong sizes for myself especially from those no-try sale or overseas order

First I promised Ms Sin Lady that I will take picture of the lovely Paul Ropp skirts she bought me. She bought me not one, but 2 because she knows I wear them so often. The convenient velcro makes it lovely for work (when I have gigs).

As you can see, Sin Lady, they are very well worn, very seasoned because I wear them oh so often. (sorry 2nd pic my face was too ugly to be posted so I cropped off to show off only the skirt, and I was too tired to re-take)
vAnother dear friend, Brenda bought me this top for birthday. Today I wore it to host the 20-people-just-interact show. So fitting!

My dear sister bought me this denim overall skirt from her recent trip to Tokyo Disneyland. Cool isn't it?

Not forgetting the pink fur cowboy hat to top that!

Love them all


wildgoose said...

I'm just like you, can't figure out my own size. So I'm quited amazed at SL's ability to read my size too. :p And they always fit so well.

go-poles said...

the denim skirt is lovely

sinlady said...

I stay with the easy to fit stuff :)