Saturday, December 01, 2007

Completed Choreo-Finally

It was hard trying to complete a pole choreography without any inverts. I know you might have seen us doing this before, but this is the final final one. It took us (me actually ) a lot of effort to be this synchronized.

Enjoy the video, especially Linna being such a, such a, beautiful dancer. I look quite pathetic next to her. I was trying very hard to be in sych with her and at the same time lip sych with pussycat dolls because I hope to sing and perform this routine some time (challenging!)

This morning I was performing at an opening of a huge plant (cold store). Together with me in the dressing room was a petite adorable, rather cool eiderly chinese man with pony tail dressed in sequinned laced top and pants, obviously a magician/illusionist. He spoke in perfect mandarin. I politely asked if he had performed magic in Singapore for long, he replied yes, only as a hobby because he owns this factory. Fwah! (ok, I found out he was one of the directors, but still!)

Very cute, for the auspicious opening, they had 2 pairs of lions jumping out of the cold store to perform. The crew were joking not to let the lions wait too long or you have 2 pairs of lion statues (frozen)! haha....


wildgoose said...

Very nice choreo. Smooth, unhurried. Just curious, why do you want a choreo without inverts?

Suzie Wong said...

thanks WG. Hmm...wny no inverts? i think it makes a nice opening lke that

sinlady said...

I like the routine. Linna chopped off her lovely hair! *gasp*