Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I awoke to this:

It was sa way of announcing that there is pizza in the oven awaiting as my pre-gig snack! See the direction the sachets of cheese & chilli powder were pointing?

So cute la! Hahaha

Another cute story.

On X'mas eve, I had hired the very talented Sweetheart the clown to help me take care of a regular client's Family X'mas party (for kids & adults). Sweetheart had dressed in Santarina's costume. Then I arrived later in MY saucy Santarina's costume, having performed elsewhere. My intention was to say hello & thank my client since I was in the vacinity.

But when I arrived, I could hear a couple of 'daddies' coo-ing with a tone of delight "Oh, ANOTHER Santarina". Hahahaha...they probably thought that it's a surprise treat for the dads!

Sweetheart the clown, me and Santa Ryan


sinlady said...

pizza story so sweet :)

so cute - one santarina for the kids and one for the dads haha

hope you guys get xmas day off for yourselves. merry xmas.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

a pretty ooh-la-la costume.

merry xmas everyone!

Anonymous said...

Remember our cantonese term "yan yan fan tsui" (mandarin "yin ren fan zui")? You are obviously guilty of that :D :D :D

Suzie Wong said...


EDPJ-thanks. hee

Sis-hahah, i only went to say hello