Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Oh what a day

1. First, earlier today I was told Suzie has

2. Then today pole set-up people gave me attitude. You see they have been asking for more pay but I thought all bookings have been made & confirmed for this year. Besides, that day when a set-up was very tough-going due to the venue (prop couldn't fit into lift) I trippled their pay and bought them all-they-can-eat dinner (and they really CAN eat, given they are quite burly guys) after the show. Then the other day only 1 came to set-up instead of the usual 2, I still paid in full. So I thought it was a case of give & take, and they don't appreciate what you have done! Ah... Anyways......

3. Today's audience a bit uppity to entertain. I swear this the first time I perform my one-armed flag to no applause! And I added a new transition which I practised just before the show and I happened to

4. And when i returned home dead tired, there was only 1 parking lot left and one idiot had to park across the line taking up the space of the empty lot. I had to park further away and lug my 1 clothes bag, 1 handbag and a trolley bag to the lift lobby! So inconsiderate.

Hope tomorrow will be better

Oh and one more thing that I'm a little upset is.....
On 22 Dec I have pole at 8pm and I have pole at 10.15pm, both off-town (former at Jurong East and latter at Ang Mo Kio). Today a new enquiry came in for Suzie Wong in Orchard. I have a slot in between, but I cannot figure out the travelling time and I'm so frustrated because it's going to be another CASE of an opprotunity slipping by me. So detractors wake up. Tell me how is the show bad when it's like that!


sinlady said...

have to sit down and chat over coffee and cake soon. as in take time to smell the coffee? sms me as soon as u have some free time can?

wildgoose said...

Better to miss one show than tire yourself rushing about. Take care.

Suzie Wong said...

SL, don't worry about me. i'm usually quite cranky at this time of year. Even those at home avoiding me..haha! will defo call after x'mas or new year.

wg, i really have to learn to think this way. friend complains that 'i'm taking more than i could chew', but i'd like to reply friend 'i did it MY WAY'....haha, oops, i'm really going nuts >D