Saturday, December 22, 2007

Unplanned Comedy

Today I was dressed in this polka-dot outfit as it had a theme "groovy night". As christmas is just a few days a way, i had intended to 'finale' it with a x'mas medley.

Beneath the dress was a santarina ensemble. So all i needed was to rip this dress after the second last number to reveal my santarina dress, and to complete it with the candy bag and the santarina clip my sister bought for me.

I had the stuff placed on a chair at the foyer about 25meters away from the stage. I had about 25 sec to do this. From all my other past experiences, I would have been able to make it.

But unlike my Suzie Wong cheong sam which has a fast-rip mechanism, this yellow dress has a zip at the back from nape to waist. I had instructed a colleague to standby at the door to assist in unzipping me when i make my dash.

I guess she was trying to be helpful, except it would have HELPED if she had informed first. So when I finished my second last song, I made a beeline out of the ballroom and to the foyer chair which i had placed my stuff, but to my horror, the stuff were GONE!

When i franctically glanced around, i saw my dear colleague beckoning me behind the ballroom door. The sweet soul had helped 'relocate' my stuff to make them 'nearer'. The second horror came when i realised she had sort of stuff my things back into my bags! So I was flapping my hands so hard, on hindsight I think I looked comical. And all these while with the door slightly ajar and some audiences might have had a peek on the comedy created. The song started and I had to 'kiap' the mic under my arm (yes, armpit) to start singing while I tried to pin the little hat onto my hair! Uurgh! Disaster!

Yes, Val, it's you I'm talking about. Hahaha.....But it's ok now, really. Luckily (for you), the audience cheered loudly when i re-entered the ballroom in the Santarina outfit else I'll be sleepless now! Hahaha.....Ah well, we all learn.

Anyway, to digress, just wanna say I'm envious that so many of my friends are on leave since yesterday til the end of the year. still gotto work gig work gig work. Today we were late for office and boss yelled (via sms, but the tone was yelling!) at us! Twit!


Glamourpuss said...

Cute dress, Santarina!


sinlady said...

wah, so nail biting kan cheong!

wildgoose said...

after 2 paras, I thot you're going to tell us you have a wardrobe malfunction. wahaha...