Thursday, December 13, 2007


........when i lose a gig!

Remember the count-down job which route I experimented and was not happening? So after I informed the person-i.c and got a "lemme think about it" reply, I did not hear from him again.

Today I got an official "no show" call. He apologised and I said it was perfectly ok, unless they don't mind having me AFTER the count-down. He said that would not be possible as after count-down, they wanted to perform some religious rituals thingie! Then it dawned on me next to this site is a chinese I'm pretty happy about not partaking in it..........God's will?

Yesterday I had another tricky request. Although I'm pretty certain that it will be tough to fit that extra job in, I'm proscratinating a negative reply, still hoping that I will think of an alternative faster route. Think tomorow I shall just tell him I can't oblige his assignment.

Anyways in a few hours, I'll be preparing to entertain a group of people who own some of the most expensive cars in Singapore! Catching some sleep now.

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