Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Fishing Day

The weather was fine and I could not resist the offer to go wishing again. Gosh what is this thing about fishing and prawning.

This is only my 2nd trip and already I have this catch, a 16-inch golden snapper, which makes it the champion catch of the day amidst seasoned fishing-enthusiats...hahaha!

Don't accuse us of being cruel for we released many other fishes back into the sea, for example this huge queen-fish that gave my friend such a powerful and consistant fight!
Ah! Not sure if I have the time to do this with my impending new venture, but I do hope to have more time to do things for myself.


I'm need 2 sets of these lights.....anyone knows where I can get them?


wildgoose said...

eh.. you really measure the fish by the foot? Lol...

no, no idea where those lights can be found.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

try balestiar road for the lights? they are full of lighting specialists there.

sinlady said...

what a life ! edpj is right about balestier road for lighting.

Vinho said...

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