Friday, April 25, 2008

I heart the heartlanders

I love performing outdoors, for the's different. The crowd stream in, usually alone, or with a spouse, or with an immediate family. Usually they don't know the people standing or sitting beside or behind them. They are here just to watch, listen and to pass time or out of curiousity. They are not here to be engaged in interaction or participation in the same way as in a company dinner.

It's not easy to measure how much they are enjoying your performance. The only yardstick is by the applause, or how long they stay.

I particularly love last night's performance. The set-up was rather extravagant, I had a great audience.They were glued, you could tell, their eyes were transfixed on me. They responded to my every attempt to greet or joke with them (some hearty parts available only on the unedited video, sorry, else will be too long for me to load). I even had one uncle shouting "ho ah ho ah" (great great) each time I completed a song.

I opened my set with my "broken bottle" 酒干倘卖无 song with some pole spins (I can hear vb chuckling)

And then of course, my ki-lat pole stunts:

After my performance, I had several "heartland" show organisers asking for my contact, I think I've created a new trend for heartland shows!

P.s. I thank Jasmine for her help in this show. I'm sure she'll blog her segments very soon, and I'll link it here, babe


Anonymous said...

wow! great show. where's this place

sinlady said...

i agree with you that they make an appreciative audience. quite touching really.

wildgoose said...

How do you manage to sing and pole dance with all that energy? I'm amazed.

vb said...

How u know ah!???? hahahahhaa......