Thursday, April 03, 2008


I used to hate doing the touchy feely thingy previously when i started learning pole dancing. I used to be envious of how some of my course-mates did so nicely (like WG...hahaha, yes, you). But now that I'm more confident on the pole, I'm less conscious about it, in fact I think I quite enjoy it! :)
Anyway, to digress (totally unrelated)
Have you heard of how dogs howl eeriely when they supposedly see "something"? That evening when I sent Ah Boy ( my dear sweet adopted dog) back to his home, out of a sudden, about 20 others dogs from the home started howling in unison, like some kind of a cultic thing. Ah Boy was petrified and I had to calm him. I tell you it was the most freakish thing lor! Eeww


wildgoose said...

Oh thanks! But i'm so out of touch. ;)

hee... in that case, I should be very afraid. The husky next door howls every day, day or night (when the owners are out). :D

sinlady said...

what u mean u like touchy feely yourself? thot only for show only! LOL

what u think spooked the dogs? Qing Ming?

for wg - huskies and malamutes do not have a bark. the howl IS their bark :)

Suzie Wong said...

WG-SL answers to howling!

SL-i didn't even use to touch-feel for show last time cos didn't know how to!

Don't know what spooked and don't want to know...Lol