Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have been shopping & spending lately and that's not good. My previous work/gigging schedules left me little time to shop and that's why I usually go on a shopping frenzy only when I was on holidays. Otherwise I shopped only when I needed specific stuff.

But the truth that I've officially left the company of approximately 10 years (yes, I have resigned! surprise? ) and before moving on to my next phase, I finally found myself having some time to shop! (Dear event companies......I have NOT STOPPED performing, so please continue to call me ok?)

And today after a show at the Raffles City Convention, I found these.

I bought them from Grace Wong of Nitty Gritty who personally sews them. You should see the details, they are really fine & delicately made.

I have lots to update, but feeling so lazy. Yes I'm effectively on an ORD mood if you know what i mean :)


sinlady said...

can feel lazy and do nothing so shiok right?

Adamdam said...

Oh my god Suzie!



I got thai express discount card =)

wildgoose said...

Oh that's news! All the best for what's to come. :)

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

congrats! 10 yrs of service is a lifetime man.

Suzie Wong said...
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Suzie Wong said...

SL-yes never quite felt so shiok in a long while. Anyway probably not for too long when next phase starts kicking in, so better enjoy now.

Adam, yes! haha. why cannot meh? can meet but i have that orange card too..heehee

WG-thank you, will let all of you in very very soon

EDPJ-ya, long service award liao. time to move on