Saturday, July 19, 2008

Comic Relief

As if it is not stressful enough now that i have to manage my shows, events, studio bookings AND classes AND payroll AND ....(list goes on), every other day I have to deal with a colleague who never fails to send temperatures soar a few more celcius with some of the darnest remarks... ..but at the end of the day, I just laugh it off as joke of the day.

But today's one was classic. I was working from home during the day as I had a couple of shows at night. So colleague called to inform of a pole-tential student. The following ensued :

Colleague :"Someone called and say want to come trial class today"
Me : "Er...but you know I'm not coming in"
Colleague :"But your website says you have trial class today"
Me : "Huh!?!?!?"
Colleague : "Your website says "
Enquire for a trial class TODAY !"


Anyway this is the other video of the
same show as the previous

You must have heard me sing this song a gazillion times (time to learn new song, i know i know), so just turn off the volume and enjoy the beautiful setting!


sinlady said...

the song still rocks leh...

Anonymous said...

Lucky I was in my own office and people cannot see me burst out laffing, hahahaha

wildgoose said...

Wah. Trial class everyday. Public holidays included? hahaha...

Suzie Wong said...


Sis-:D :D :D

WG-should have told him "ok, only today, tomorow don't have"