Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She has seen me around

See this aunty waving at me?

She must be in her late 70s....the lines on her forehead and her dress sense spells knowledge, someone who seemed to me a retired teacher or principal.

I spotted her walking along a road in the east side of Singapore, with bags of NTUC groceries. I noticed her stop to place the bags on the pavement, take a breather before carrying up and on the next 20 to 40 steps or so. It broke my heart, the sun was scorching. I stopped the car, lowered the window and asked if she needed a hand. She gave a light smile, sat in the front passenger seat and carefully placed the groceries by her feet. With a soft and gentle voice, she gave me slow but explicit navigation of how to get to her home. Although it was only a 3min drive away from where I picked her up, I cannot fathom how long she was going to make it home by walking, under the blazing sun.

We didn't chat much as the 3 whole minute was mostly "turn right at the next junction", "keep right when you pass the XX school".

Before she alighted, she asked for my name and told me hers. Then her parting line was "I always see your car around and she uttered to my surprise my car plate number! " Wah!


imp said...

so sweet of you!!!!

serendipity indeed!

sinlady said...

really so nice of you. must have made her day that somebody cared.

wildgoose said...

She must be really happy to get that lift.
I once helped this old lady in my estate, who was struggling with her umbrella and sugarcanes. In the end, she gave me one of the two sugarcanes she was holding. So sweet of her.

vb said...

The other day in the lift, this lady had a bunch of flowers and I remarked that it was lovely and immediately, she pushed the whole bunch to me and say "u like? U can hv it! I get it everyday!" But I pai-say to accept lor........

Suzie Wong said...

Imp,SL-I'm sure you all would have done the same.

WG-did you accept? I would but won't know what to do with it..haha

VB-everyday? from who? maybe she opens flower shop

wildgoose said...

I did, but only because she insisted. My dad happily had it all. :)