Friday, July 11, 2008

A week at Acro Polates

It's been a hectic week at the Acro Polates Studio.

  • Monday an ad agency booked the studio for a photo shoot and packed in about 20 people
  • Tuesday we had Basic Pole-gram class.
  • Wednesday an event agency booked the studio for team building and some 20 teams came in for a spin.
  • Thursday we had pole practice which we had so much fun because we (I) missed that so much.

Today I'm exhausted already. All these summarized in a video for you.

Ladies some of you feautured, sorry i didn't seek your approval. So if you have any violent objection that husband, bf, mother, mother-in-law might see, please sms or email me to remove


wildgoose said...

Pole dancing for team-building?? That's new.

Rest well so we can have a good feast next week. :)

sinlady said...

you know - i could not go at the rate you do even when i was much younger. happy for you - you are off to a good start :)

suzie wong said...

WG...woo-hoo looking forward to the east

SL-it's a good start, i'm thankful, but really "siong". "Lao niang" have to mop the floor so many times this week because i pride my studio to be one of the cleanest! :)