Friday, September 28, 2007


This guy supposedly from US has over two hundred videos on "Asian girls dancing", and some friends on youtube have alerted me to his account , because some of MY VIDEOS are found there (and so are hers)

Nothing wrong with that, you say. But the weird thing is he didn't just link or save our videos 'as favourites' to his account, he actutally reproduced them and upload them under a different title. If he has 'saved as favourites", it means people who click on those videos will be directed to the respective uploader's accounts. But for his case, it won't, because they become HIS videos. What kind of festish is that?

Originally I didn't mind the idea, but a friend warned me he may start a website call "Asian girls dancing" like as though it's some kind of porn! Wa, I can't imagine also not being able to moderate or control the comments. Uurgh.

What you think I should do, write politely to him or to Youtube? Got to be tactful, don't want to p&ss him off if he doesn't have ill intention. Already I have quite many hate comments these days...Lol!


sinlady said...

Where is your lawyer blogger friend when you need real help? I think write to him, but you might want to wait till you hear from somebody who has more experience.

Suzie Wong said...

Oh ya hor? where where? haven't wake up from the stinky breath and prickly beard yet lah...hahaha.

sinlady said...

just went over to his site ... wah wait till he reads here what you saying about his lovey-dovey mornings haha

imp said...

my 1 cent worth: when u put videos/photos for public access, it's almost like free access because not everyone respects copyrights and privacy. it will be a mammoth task to track down each and every person who 'illegally' or 'wrongfully' upload your photos/videos for different purposes!

you can write to him. u might even get a lawyer to write to him. but if he's not in sgp and his site provider is based elsewhere, u face legal contraints in up to 4 different jurisdictions.

and the onus is on you to prove that he has trespassed into porn or libel or used your videos for commercial gains...etc.

and this is only on the publicly accessed sites. for facebook groups/livejournal locked entries and other sites which you don't have access to, you can't control what's disseminated in there either.

you'll prob go mad tracking down every individual site/mention/posting. there's gotta be a line drawn somewhere to keep your sanity.

imp said...

having said that, Youtube, as moderator, is the best bet to address your complaints to.

Aelgtoer said...

Lol wah wah ladies. No leh what lovey-dovey mornings, too few of those and morning breath + prickly bristles aren't the most romantic things to wake up to but still it's the person that you wake up to that matters la. ^^

Hmmm about that nasty creepo who stole your stuff, he's infringing your artistic copyright no doubt about that. Rather than deal with the creep directly who will in all likelihood ignore you since he actually did something like that. You can try writing to Youtube and telling them you are the original owner/creator of the video and would like to be acknowledged as such.

See how they respond then, they'll usually ask for some documentation to confirm that you are indeed the original owner/ copyright owner of the work. But don't worry, they normally settle this kind of issue rather quickly, upon verification.

wildgoose said...

Heh... no need my two cents hor? I think YouTube is a good bet too. They're quite fast to respond.

Suzie Wong said...

Thanks all for advice. Think going to youtube is the best. Think I'll do that