Friday, September 14, 2007


Was walking down Chinatown to check out Lantern Festivities, just before my Wed pole class.

This stage looked familiar, must had done some cheena stuff there before, either for Chinese New Year or Lantern festival, can't remember.

From far, heard a shrilling voice, wah, this woman singing & dancing¤t=PICT2961.flv

If you think this is some kind of Senior Citizen talent showcase. WRONG! She was the MC of the evening. After the song, she also proudly professed she is some title holder of some singing competiton held internationally and she's our country pride & joy (really, she said something like "wo wei xing jia po zheng guang!")

Then with a change of outfit, she now performed THIS "KOREAN" dance

Wa! She talented or what? And i thought I was the ONLY all-round female local entertainer. Lol


wildgoose said...

err... is that yodelling? What has got to do with Lantern Festival? You're still better anytime lah.

sinlady said...

aiyoh - isn't this the kind of stuff that gave 7th month getai such a bad rep? First time I hear yodelling with Chinese accent haha

vb said...

Sure, hire her if u want to be tortured, not entertained. U know hor, my PC hang after I watched those 2 videos ok! I am serious! Even my pc scared scared! Not even good enough for hungry ghost age yodeling, is it?

researcher said...

Absolutely no comparison at all lah! probably won't see her performing by the end of sep! well maybe till next lantern festival! haha. what will simon say with an engrish accent? "that was absolutely horrific!"

Aelgtoer said...

Lol eh can't be compared to you la. Her 'singing' gives a whole new meaning to waking the dead. :P

Suzie Wong said...

Haha, all your comments crack me up. Hahaha, the best part was when she can self profess of bringin pride to the country when she won this contest.