Thursday, March 06, 2008

It's good (better) to be a pet

My Ah-Boy's co-sponsor friend currently drives an old car.......really old. So old there's soon no more COE to renew; so old that even his best friend "insults" it and family menbers refer to it as his "Fellali", so old it does not matter that Ah Boy poo-ed & pee-ed at the back seat on his first trip from the AVA to the vet (maybe that's why Ah Boy now sits so "zhai" (steady) in the car cos he knows it's his territory!...hahaha......but no no, he doesn't poo pee anymore.

Friend while currently shopping for a replacement car, his consideration is all and only about Ah Boy! He was particularly impressed with one model that the back seat can be pulled foward to be slotted into the leg space. He felt that was excellent for Ah Boy so there'll be no way Ah Boy can be jolted to slip into that space (as he sometimes still would), Ah Boy will have more space to walk about at the back and without the car seat cushions, Ah Boy can have more stability!

So thoughtful! Ah Boy so loved!

But to those who thought his current car trashy, friend has this to say "Oi! My car drives like a car ok, now all the modern cars when you step on it, it's like stepping on a sewing machine!" Hahaha, funny remark!

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sinlady said...

poor car. lucky ah-boy! i love your new banner :)