Tuesday, March 11, 2008

By who? By2 !

You read? They are on the front cover of today's Newpaper.

If you missed, you can read here

As a performer myself, several reasons why I would be interested in the article......

1. I knew these girls. These girls were like me, started out as gig performers albeit they started way....way... earlier & younger. I recall seeing them, together with their parents at events, mostly at Family day events when they were just half this age.

2. Their dedicated parents provided them all kinds of lessons and preparations one can concievably imagine.....hip hop dance, singing, violn, dance, gymnastics.....so their performances were amazingly "variety" in nature.

3. I'm happy that the parents' efforts paid off, because it was clear where they were steering the girls towards. Secretly, I'm sure many people are jeolous, I would be if I were at that age. It was like a case of an Asian making of a Britney Spears or Christina aguilera unfolding. Just hope they end up more like the latter than the former.

But I won't blame people who are not in my line to understand. So to the blog author, this was my comment :

"As an (old) artiste myself, I applaud the parents for it. I know it does not sound right but really such opporuntities don't come by often or at all (I never had, that's why I'm still only a gig performer at some grand old age). That is if the girls are really ready for it. I happen to know the girls and the mum and they were really dedicated in steering towards this. Whether right or wrong only the girls will know at later part of the lives."


alvinology said...

Thanks for popping by and leaving your footprints at my humble blog! :)

Suzie Wong said...

Haha alvinology. Your blog very up to date, it's like reading news (the gossippy part)....hahaha, i was particularly tickled by the Edc photography game...hahaha....funy

wildgoose said...

Left a comment on Alvin's blog. Can't agree with everything but I do agree that one should grab opportunities when they come.

Suzie Wong said...

Saw your comment WG. But no lah, not saying that her behaviour is right just because she is rich. What i'm (trying) to say is her parents charted her career so early and the result : early fame, succuss and riches. Nothing wrong with that. But it seems that it's also because of these & her inability to handle that causes her to be like that now. So did the charting go wrong somewhere? The parents seem to be repeating this to the younger sis now. Will do it better this time or stop altogether ? I have no answers, ok sorry, I know it sounds quite complex

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

this is tough. but do they really have to drop out of school? they can do it like mary kate and ashley - have home schooling? like a backup or something like that.

unless the girls are 101% sure this is what they want to do, even at the price of not making it.

Suzie Wong said...

EDPJ--i think it's because they suppose to go different places for training. For me? Looking back I'd probably jumped at the suggestion to stop secondary school ...i totally feared secondary school. But again, that was then! I loved University