Friday, March 28, 2008

I was a high class podium dancer...

.....last night.

It was an event themed "Shibuya" for a company that markets mainly high-end stationaries at Oosh (Dempsey).

The client wanted stylish podium dancers and have specifically instructed that we dress like those models at CyberJapan (the models/dancers are usually very chic, even if they are wearing lingerie, they are so overly embellished that they don't appear raunchy.)

Funny how in partcular they sent us this picture and instructed us to dress like this!

Obviously Suzie DOES NOT look anything like the above model, so the best I could do was this:

sorry the original video is much clearer than this, I think youtube has lowered resolution conversion due to its popularity. I shall start search for clearer platforms.

Notice nowadays I always have a watermark imprint of website or some form of identification? That's because my earlier videos without have been copied and uploaded everywhere, and usually under the heading "Sexy Asian Dancer"! Quite flattering, not no thanks


Anonymous said...

well u sure are a sexy asian dancer. Wish u would come over here to london to strut your sexy stuff!

sinlady said...

congrats girl !

vb said...

That photo fm client - like that call "stylish"????!!!!!

Jasmine Han said...

Well done Ming! Love that body wave before going down the high Bat. Podium quite small, I think if its me, I would have fallen off it. Shoulder sore looking at that superb shoulder mount. Did 3 nice ones today. Keep those videos coming!

Suzie Wong said...

Anonymous, wow! thanks..haha...blush


VB-click on the cyberjapan link and you'll see the rest, they are very chic

Jasmine, haha, I totally screwed up the choreo. Notice how the handstand was edited as it was rather impossible on the small platform

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

great performance, sexy asian dancer!

sinlady said...

i checked the CyberJapan link. u lucky client not ask u to use wear only body paint haha