Thursday, August 21, 2008

Think I better stop eating crab

Last week, Imp helped me name this move Pretzel. But today as I decided to take a proper picture, think I'm beginning to look more like a crab. Lol!.

Besides I held on to this pose like for like 45sec for dear Di & Princess to find a good angle, until my face cramped up. In fact this is the least contorted one already! Haha

And thanks Di for this picture (& remindling me to smile), I heart it

And altho I didn't say it just now, thanks Princess for the loveliest cup cake I've ever had. Eclairs also damn solid. Haven't tried brownie yet tho.

Di thanks for being a sweetie, you always helping others during practice. Hugs


Didi said...

Yes, the cup cakes, eclairs & brownies are simply irresistible & "SINFUL".......thanx Princess.

Ming, all of us were practicing together & helping each other.

imp said...

CHECK OUT those rippling muscles!! *whistles*

sinlady said...

45 secs? oh ouch ouch ouch!

Anonymous said...

nice pictures suzie