Monday, August 25, 2008

Pride & Joy of a "Parent"

....when my AH BOY learns his first command

We thought it was impossible for an ex-stray who almost lost his life to AVA (Agi Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore) to pick up anything at this age, as he spent the first 4/5 years of his life roaming the streets and only thing he probably knew was survival.

But today the sky was pouring and we couldn't take him out to the park, so friend decided to give it a shot at teaching him, see how well he faired! So clever, my boy


sinlady said...

oh, he learns fast! so cute, can see he thinking through what "sit" means. now for stay, come, heel, down *ha ha*

sinlady said...

and don't forget "roll-over" too !

Suzie Wong said...

haha, SL, i think he's too fat to role over