Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Loyal Friend Part II

....continue from last post.

Just like the "Ann" that I always knew, she appeared prompty yesterday at my studio for lessons, amidst the "10" other appointments she made for that day.

After an extremely hearty session, I already saw "fighting" coming, over payment for the class. She threatened not to come next week had i not accept it, and that she had REALLYwanted to come again. I have to keep it in trust for her until next week and see how to slip it back into her bag, I know it's going to be difficult!

She also brought me present
The blue paper bag & the pink passport holder are without a doubt beautiful, but the winner of it all was the note...........!


sinlady said...

i can so understand the position of both of u. maybe u can both compromise and settle for a "friend's" rate. i really would not come to u for professional services and accept for free. must follow up on what end result is.

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

how sweet of her!

wildgoose said...

So sweet. And in your current fave colour too!

Suzie Wong said...

SL-i agree with u, but i know she doesn't need the lessons, it's like what can 2 lessons do right? She just wants to show support lor.


WG - ha, u notice too! :)

sinlady said...

yup. she really wants to show support so all the more reason she will not accept free. that will be like just taking up your professional time.