Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When I turn 70

I've been performing for so long, from Suzie to Belly Fusion to now Pole, that people always ask what I'd be doing next?

I always tell them nothing, I'd be happy to perform pole for another 5 to 10 years. After that I'd still perform pole because I'm sure I'd create another market or interest cos have you seen a 50-year old performing pole? It would probably be easier because all the creases on my body may adhere to the pole better. Lol!

But this little lady just convinced me that it's not just a dream, it's possible to do til 70 (or 80?) if I keep training...ENJOY! (not?)

Seems s bit cruel la, but i hope she's enjoying the attentio


sinlady said...

oh must u? at 70 or 80? where's VB. i want her opinion on this.

vb said...

I'm here!!! It is definately inspiring when an 84yr old can still do what she did. I guess if yr bones and all can tk it, sure u can continue. If "creases" are an eye sore, there is always "help" available. As for myself, I really wish to be six foot underground but my dear fren, I will still cheer for u fm down there.
ps. Remember Spider said that our false teeth will fall off when we invert leh!? For this, I think can only depend on Super Glue hor!?

Suzie Wong said...

SL-ok, maybe I'm sounding a bit fanatical but blame Spider's influence. Whenever he sees this man who seems to be in his 70s roller blading pass us at some 40km/hr speed and in bicycle tights, he always says he wants to be like that! Than i how? (Btw, the roller blader really has got a face of a 70 year old but body of a 35, super fit!)

VB-haha, ok, forgot about the false teeth bit!

wildgoose said...

It's possible but do you want to??
The roller blader does it for fun, it's a hobby! (I know who you talking about, 'cos I've seen him too).

sinlady said...

vb - true lah, if she can and still fanatical, she should. i have bad attitude about the age thing lor. i am just so conscious that older women just don't move like the 30+ and 40+ people, esp in dance.
wg - yup yup - tell her roller blading quite different from pole at 70 hor.

Suzie Wong said...

Aiya, don't take me seriously lah. Some people don't like to dicuss it, I deal with my fear by saying out loud what i hope to do or admire those who can do. I especially admire those who dare perform because I'm a performer mah!

But why pole can't be a hobby when roller blading can leh? I would upgrade to aerial works if i could...haha

Anonymous said...

Oh btw Sl, i just returned from visiting ur blog. who u talking abut growing old? we all peers, belly dance, kopi and makan peers, u always my beautiful, talented, extremely clever and graceful (and rich :D) "dai gar cheh"

Suzie Wong said...

And oh oh oh, the above was me, i forgot to put my name

sinlady said...

aiyoh - pai seh. but thank q.