Monday, August 04, 2008


Some 14 years ago, I received a call from a heavily French-accented lady called Ann, who said she had wanted vocal/singing lessons. She sounded a little intimating but being a struggling vocal/snging teacher, having freshly quit from a bank job, I was ready to take on whatever that came my way, no matter how challenging! More wearily, she was honest enough to tell me she would take (and pay for) 1 lesson to access my credibility before deciding if she would carry on.

An extremely charming lady, she came, sang, and the rest was history, Ann became, besides my student for the next 2 years, one of the bestest (caucasian) friend.. Not only did she take regular lessons from me, she made sure she introduced friends to learn singing from me, took me out for meals, foot reflex, accompanied me to some of my gigs back then, some as far as the zoo, took me to every party she organised or attended and she would readily introduce as "Ming, my favourite sing-ging teacher".

I could even re-count one day she called me and I said I was heading to a neighbourhood expo (you know the kind of make-shift fun-fair fiesta with some mobile rides--i was crazy about those things previously) and she took the trouble to join me all the way at Upper Bt Timah where the expo was held, and instead of enjoying herself, I had her turning pale with those horrible rides! hahaha

She even went so far as to watch my mum's opear performance, fell in love with it, signed up for some lessons and even acted in one of my mum's opera show. Too bad those days pictures were in print and I dont have soft copies to load up here. I'll scan them some other time.

Two years on, she broke the news that she would be posted to another place. I bid a sad farewell and asked her to come back often to visit me, I grew so fond of this caucasian friend!

Thirteen years passed, I had only some news of Ann, thanks to Pat, a mutual friend whom I learned that Ann flew everywhere for work, except to Singapore..

Then Last Friday, Ann dropped by at my studio, unannounced!. You could imagine my excitement, could you? I squeeled like a teenage girl! She's going to be here for 2 weeks and just like the good old Ann, she has signed up for several pole dance lessons with me (I'm NOT charging her of course) despite her jam packed schedule (this is so her!)

We, Ann, Pat & I spent that Friday night catching up. When I reached home, I was an emotional wreck, I was so happy I had wanted to cry, I knew I must have missed this loyal friend so much. She is; you know it when she even remembered the expo and how she almost threw up from the ride!

I wish I don't have to wait another 13 years to meet again!

Here's us last Friday, with Pat (seated on my left)


wildgoose said...

How lovely and touching. :)

vb said...

With some frens, distance nor time does not affect the friendship. And when u meet again (even with long periods of no see, no talk), it was just like yesterday when u last saw each other and u just pick up where u left off. This is truly worth celebrating!

sinlady said...

love this story! and u want to substitute with blogger gossip! chey!

eatdrinkplayjunkie said...

wow.. not easy. staying in touch after 14 yrs!

imp said...

it must be awesome catching up. lovely!!

Suzie Wong said...


SL-Ms SL, I can't help it if I feel like a teenage girl right? teehee

sinlady said...

guess not, suziewong. haha