Friday, August 15, 2008


In Singapore, we like to refer to confused people as "blur sotong", like you would refer to a say "blonde"


The other day I received a rather impolite sms, no introduction and I couldn't recognise the number, it read :

"Hi! Do you has got any job vacancy available"

Ok, so you think it's a case of typing fast & with error.

So I replied "what type of job are you looking for"

Then the reply came "What job vacancy do you have? Cos I browse back last time contact so i msg to c if u has got wat job vacancy available".

I was so tempted to reply : " Look! What qualification do you has got to make my company has got a vacancy for you to has got to apply"!"

Ok I didn't, so I just explained I no longer in that company and that's when the joker clarified "I'm looking for a sales/admin job" !?!?!?


Today my classic colleague was at it again!

A mutual friend (let's call him A) came to look usp for lunch and was complaining that his colleague, B was incompetent. A said he wanted to leave the company because of B. So I asked why didn't he (A) consider setting up his own company. His reason was "I don't want to open my own company because of B". Honestly it totally didn't make sense, was incomplete whatsoever but we chose not to probe further to complicate matters.

So after lunch, I was just gossiping with classic colleague how absurd A's reason was for not wanting to open his own company, and my classic clever colleague replied " Yah lor, what for open a company for B"...............My eyes rolled ! So blonde! Just like a chinese saying "the cow head cannot fit a horse mouth" .

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